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ATM in all its forms


Exatec Group has 20 years of experience in the ATM industry, in the multivendor e-banking market, 20 years of international experience with business in over 100 countries on all continents. Exatec Group is based in France, in the beautiful Côte d’Azur, and export business represents 85% of our turnover.

The strength of Exatec Group is to know how to adapt to everybody, from the smallest partner to the biggest players. Our clients are diverse and we value them all. In particular, Exatec Group is proud to work with many of the main manufacturers, as well as the biggest banks but also with small banks, resellers, MicroFinance Institutions, Cash In Transit companies, deployers, service providers, and many more.

Partners visiting Exatec Group are always amazed by the scale of our operations. We constantly have hundreds of ATMs available in our inventory, including new (Hyosung) and renewed from brands such as NCRWincor and Diebold.

We have 100 000 spare parts in stock, across major brands as well as consumables. Our multivendor experience and our processes allow us to offer maximum guarantee on pour products, up to 5 years on our ATMs, for example.

Beyond the quality of our production, Exatec Group offers flexibility on all levels : packaging, custom procedures, personalization of ATMs or consumables, and much more. Exatec Group also offers a complete Software solution, innovative and efficient, empowering all types of transactions, and of course, vendor independent.

Our software suite:

Asoft, has been designed and developed with the latest technologies, based on new architecture. This new architecture gives you more flexibility and reactivity to anticipate the evolution of the market through many value added services. Additionnally, our suite Asoft is secure and certified by PCI-DSS, Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay.

Your IT environment can incorporate seamlessly each brick of our omnichannel solution such as our multiprotocols, multiconnections ATM application, Switch, Card Management, Videosurveillance, Monitoring Solution for ATMs as well as POS terminals or the multivendor POS application. 


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We offer support and trainings on all continents including software interfacing and configuration, implementation and coaching of usage of our applications, as well as hardware training for maintenance. Our trainings aim to give maximum autonomy to our clients, teaching and sharing from theory to concrete experience.

We can do more with you and for you. Contact us and let us meet, to work together to develop your business, open new services and optimize your investments.

For more information go to our YouTube channel : Click here