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Exatec Group celebrate its 20th anniversary


Exatec Group has been reconditioning end-of-life ATMs for over 20 years and distributing them in more than 100 countries.The first 20 years went by very quickly and the whole team did a great job. Today, 85% of Exatec Group works in export to over 100 countries. Our development now requires the creation of subsidiaries to support our offer and allow us to add new services and leasing for our clients. We now have an R&D department and innovations ahead of the market.


An ATM is a set of spare parts, and if we master the parts, we will also know how to refurbish the complete machines. The market then opens to banks, resellers and CIT companies.

The business is based on trust: initially built from our first exchanges and then validated by the quality of our production. Year after year, travels on all continents create unalterable links between passionate ATMs specialists from different cultures but sharing human values that make business even more beautiful, even bigger. It was during one of these visits, in Serbia, that our partnership with TAS Group was born for the distribution and integration of their multivendor software solution. A key step in building our global offer.All that was missing was a hardware partnership with a major manufacturer, and 2020 enabled us to realize this ambition by signing with the Korean Hyosung, the third largest manufacturer in the world, who was looking for experienced partners to develop the African market.


Year after year, the team has been enriched with new talents who discovered the world of the ATM, the world of refurbishing, and a team spirit full of kindness and professionalism.

Everything did not go well, and not everyone followed the path, but the Exatec family has gradually grown with the pleasure of finding a second family each day and growing the team, maintaining and developing the link up to our family meals, a long-standing tradition.


We do not believe in the end of cash, neither in the near nor in the distant future. The era of dominating cash is over, as the era of the train ended with the cars. However, the train has not disappeared and justifies its presence with specific advantages.

More than today’s ATMs, our choice for the future is to specialize in the automatic machines managing cash & transactions, combining complex electro-mechanical hardware and their secure software.

20 years have passed for Exatec Group and the future is wide open.