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Exatec Group expands its client's networks


Clients in 112 countries! 

Exatec Group focuses on international for over 15 years. Our repeated efforts to establish new contacts, combined with the quality of our offer, let us create beautiful relationships around the world. We are French but France barely exceeds 10% of our turnover. Africa is continent number one, followed by Europe and the Middle East. But our efforts go beyond these usual areas and the new countries are proof of this.

Welcome to Mongolia:

At the other end of the world, Mongolia became the 111th country of Exatec Group. A vast country, known for its steppes, its wildlife and its difficult climate, Mongolia nevertheless has a network of ATMs and infrastructures that few people suspect.

It is therefore a great joy to count this great country among our clients and we hope to help them develop their ATM network through the great diversity of Exatec Group’s offer and our sense of listening.

Viva Argentina:

Our Argentinian friends did us the honor of adding one more line to the long list of our clients, the 112th one, to be precise. But as soon as we had celebrated this performance, we learned of the death of Diego Maradona, world famous and considered as a god by the Argentine people to whom he offered his second star. A special thought to all Argentinians from all over the world and to all football lovers.