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Monimax 5600S /5600ST - Monofunction


Innovative design of MX5600S brings customer's attention with an elegant exterior, ease of use and ergonomic design. 15"TFT LCD provides unsurpassed convenience to customers and Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD) maximizes advertising effect.With high-capacity receipt journal and cassettes, the MX5600S can be deployed both on and off premise. MX 5600 features superior and cost-effective performance will outshine all of its competitors.

Machines hyosung 5600S 5600ST


The Monimax 5600S is designed to provide second to none reliability in the market with the highest uptime (99.7% or higher) and optimized dispensing performance. It is equipped with the most reliable components including a higher capacity Cash Dispenser Unit, faster dispensing technology and robust system design and configuration against vandalism. The best in class dispensing technology of the Monimax 5600S guarantees maximum availability and security.

The Monimax 5600S is designed to maximize the efficiency of installation and operation with minimum maintenance needs. The remarkable compact footprint allows for simple manufacturing process, logistics, installation and maintenance with the smallest service clearance requirement. It is also an energy efficient solution with low energy LED lighting, low power consumption, less cabling and consumable usage. Monimax 5600S enables you to reduce the total cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Monimax 5600S is intuitively designed to provide a seamless self-service experience for customers. The modern and sleek design with 15” touch screen attracts more customers and drives more interactions. It offers value-add functionalities featuring bill payment, funds transfer, mobile top-up in a highly user friendly interface as well as mobile-enabled cash transaction via contactless card reader for maximum convenience and easy transition.

5600ST features

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