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Monitoring for ATMs: Asoft vision 360


Asoft Vision 360 : Driving Tool for ATMs

Asoft Vision 360 is a powerful tool developed with the latest methods and the most efficient architecture. This software is designed to pilot ATMs networks as well as kiosks and POS terminals. This fantastic Driving Tool is nothing without the complete services we bring :


Tests ; Installation ; Training ; Kownledge transfer ;Support ; Assistance ; Advices & Recommendations

Our main target is to help our clients to get the best from their ATMs, thanks to the monitoring tool and the efficiency of their team to pilot the ATMs network. Asoft Vision 360 is aimed at all PLC fleet managers, whatever the number of PLCs and models concerned, whatever the OS and protocol used, whatever the number of users. The data is fed back by an agent who cooperates with the XFS drivers of each ATM, in complete security.


 Our Asoft Vision 360 in video : 


See & Act

The basis of any management is to see live, the status of the park and the level of alert of each machine. Beyond the multiple displays, remote action is one of the most expected features to gain efficiency without waiting for a local operator's intervention. You can stop the ATM for technical or security reasons, reboot it, access its log files directly, etc.



SLA management is at the heart of the design of Asoft Vision 360. Do you find it complicated to manage several service providers, both internal and external, with different deadlines for each region, different technologies and different schedules depending on the location and the period? Not only is all this automated with Soft Vision 360, configured according to your needs.


Make profits

Lock in as little cash as possible in your ATMs, while avoiding running out of fuel and reducing your recharging costs. This is the challenge taken up by Asoft Vision 360, to manage outstanding cash in an automated way, or as a decision aid. The cash management module is an expert system based on the Econometrics Time Series model and the Simplex method.

 Asoft Vision 360


The download tool is both a technical and a business asset. Many technicians dream of being able to update software without having to intervene on site. Many marketing departments would like to have communication campaigns relayed on their ATMs. With Asoft Vision 360, it's easy to download data on all or part of the fleet and make it active at any time.



Video surveillance is a key element of your security and sometimes a regulatory requirement. The entire fleet can be equipped with integrated cameras that capture photos at different times during the transaction, and combine them with the collected data to facilitate evaluation. The associated search tool helps to reduce fraud attempts and disputes considerably.



The collected data allows a complete and clear follow-up of the performance of the ATM, on the one hand, and of the participants, on the other hand. Tables and reports are set up and generated periodically to highlight the performance achieved in relation to the defined objectives, in order to focus efforts on areas for improvement.


A whole range of services at your service

Exatec Group assists its customers, from the implementation of the solution to support and advice on use, including configuration and interfacing. Asoft Vision 360 is a solution developed and certified by TAS Group, of which Exatec Group is an authorized distributor and value-added integrator.


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