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Quality is the basis

Our production processes, combined with our quality control, allow us to provide new or refurbished products with a warranty of 6 months to 5 years, depending on the materials and contracts.

Beyond quality, availability is the key indicator, and depends on multiple factors that we take into account.

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Seeing, learning and acting

A monitoring tool must allow to see the incidents live in order to implement corrective actions as well as preventive interventions. Asoft Vision 360 is our multivendor monitoring tool that analyzes live the activity of the ATMs and transmits instructions to the various departments affected, both internally and with partners.

Combining cable distribution, cash management, SLA management, remote monitoring and remote control, it is rapidly becoming the essential tool for the smooth operation and profitability of ATM networks, whatever their size.

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Outsourcing & SLA

Focusing on your business

Exatec Group offers different modes of supplying ATMs as well as the management of their daily life. Some of our clients prefer to manage themselves the supply of funds as well as the maintenance of their ATMs and ask for our support and advice.

Others, more and more numerous, wonder about the usefulness of managing everything themselves, and turn to leasing and complete outsourcing of the management of their ATMs

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