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Taylor made hardware & software trainings

Our technical trainings are given in French or English, in our premises on the French Riviera but can also be done on the client's side, depending on the client's technical environment. Our trainings highlight skills in maintenance, repair, software or installation according to the client's request and the level of the trainees.

The main goal is to give a maximum of autonomy to our clients, by teaching from theory and sharing the concrete experience.

Each trainee takes an exam at the end of the session, before obtaining his training certificate, proof of his new level of competence.

A standard training session for hardware maintenance lasts one week, and is dedicated to one client, for one ATMtechnology (Diebold, Wincor, NCR, Hyosung...).

Multivendor hardware & software support

Develop your business

Beyond each training session, we create a strong technical cooperation between the teams, a key point for a real partnership combining support, coaching and mentoring, to develop your business and increase your efficiency.

Training sessions are a key point in the acquisition of skills, and support allows you to be accompanied in your field experience to gain efficiency and obtain the best possible results.

Outsourcing, leasing and product service system

Developing new services without mobilizing either energy or capital is the miracle achieved by the product service system.

Focusing on your core business

Exatec Group offers different modes of supplying ATMs as well as managing their daily life. Some of our clients prefer to internally drive the cash management as well as the maintenance of their ATMs and ask for our support and advice, not more.

Others, more and more numerous, are starting a global process of outsourcing to focus on their real business, and are turning to leasing and complete outsourcing of the management of their ATMs.

Contact us and let's talk about it

Together, let's define your ideal operating mode so that your investments are optimized.

Revenue sharing

Exatec Group is open to ATMs deployments based on Revenue Sharing. On the basis of a partnership contract defining the roles, commitments and contributions of each partner, Exatec Group brings its expertise and solutions combining hardware, software and services, to boost the development of new services where capital is lacking for ATMs investment.

Revenue Sharing is very generally associated with leasing or product service systems to facilitate optimal implementation.

Repair service

Exatec Group repairs all modules and sub-modules of the main ATM models, for single needs as well as for whole pallet flows.

Our processes are detailed for optimal quality and can be adapted to the needs of each client to respect their specifications and facilitate the reintegration of the parts repaired by Exatec Group within the client's logistics.

Thus, labeling, packaging, quality tests, administrative procedures and repair levels can be customized on demand, according to the forecast volumes to be defined.