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Multivendor software solutions

Exatec Group has a complete range of innovative, omnichannel and vendor-independent ATM software.

Our solutions are designed to be flexible, simple to use, and impactful. Our software has all the certificates related to payments, and has been developed by our partners Tas Group and Hyosung TNS.
Our integrated software suite, enables banks, financial institutions and independent service organizations to proactively and effectively manage both acquiring and issuing transaction channels in a fully automated, secured, and integrated web-based and vendor independent environment.

We look forward to using our tools to help you obtain maximum efficiency, reduce operating cost, and increase revenue through the optimization of your transaction terminals and channels.

ATM Application

Asoft ATM, our ATM software, brings services and unequalled functionalities whose keyword is MULTI :

• MULTI-protocols, ISO 8583, NDC+ like D912
• MULTI-vendor for all models and brands of ATMs
• MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY, including withdrawal, deposit, payment, transfer, consultations, cardless transactions...
• MULTI-connections, including simultaneous connections from a single ATM to Switch, bank, payment operators, etc.
• MULTI-OS such as XP, Seven, Ten...

A single application to gain in :

• Ease of configuration
• Ease of maintenance
• Ease of management
• Consistency of functionality


Exatec Group offers a high-performance video surveillance solution, Asoft Video 360, including hardware, software and services, at the best price, and running on all ranges of ATMs and all operating systems.

Our solution is universal, both in terms of hardware and software. Even better, in case of replacement of your ATM, both the camera and the license can be transferred to the new ATM.

Easily and quickly installed with an agent on each ATM, Asoft Video 360 is accessible through a simple secure connection, regardless of where the data is stored.


Asoft Vision360 allows you to know perfectly your fleet of ATMs, its strengths and weaknesses and to interact to optimize its uptime while reducing its operating costs. Asoft Vision360 is independent of the operating system, the protocol(s) used, as well as the brand or model of ATM.

Asoft Vision360 meets the four basic needs :


live, the overall fleet as well as each ATMin detail


remotely, directly or scheduled, per ATM or group of ATMs


automatically plan the best interventions for maximum uptime


obtain all the data and have the analysis of the performance linked to the determined targets.

Cash Management

Asoft Vision360 optimizes cash management costs by avoiding cash shortages while optimizing replenishments.

Our expert system has been developed on the "econometrics Time Series" model, which, following to the recorded data, will generate replenishment orders in a format that can be customized.

The delivered performance and the savings generated by Asoft Vision360 in terms of Cash Management have enabled some of our clients to consider Asoft Vision360 as a key factor for the profitability of their ATMs.

SLA Management

Asoft Vision360's contribution is to control the quality of service and the respect of targets. You will be able to track incidents, resolve them as quickly as possible, and control the efficiency of those involved according to the performance criteria set out in the specifications.

Asoft Vision360 allows you to manage fleets with different service partners, both internal and external, and to automatize the intervention process depending on technology, geography or date.

Exatec Group assists its clients to set up procedures and train teams to achieve an optimal final result.

And much more

You wish to remotely automatize your technical updates, manage advertising campaigns, recover your logs live, stop or restart all or part of your ATM fleet? All these functionalities are accessible, manageable and controllable, whatever the country, the models of ATMS and the size of the fleet.